“Best Hairstylist I Have Ever Worked With”

Roz Satar is the best hairstylist I have ever worked with in my personal and professional life. Let me explain.  The name “Roz” came into my vernacular in 1988. In small-town Kelowna, Rosalind Satar was being touted as the most cutting edge and innovative hair stylist you would find outside of Paris, London or New York. When I met her, I knew instantly I was in the presence of someone creatively brilliant, however it... Read More

— Jason Matlo – Fashion Designer, Vancouver, BC

“Mastered the Art of Hair Manipulation to Near Perfection”

When I was asked to write about Roz, I felt like a painter being asked to paint his greatest love… the hesitation of the artist living in the fear of not being able to render true beauty justice. Roz has mastered the art of hair manipulation to near perfection. Her professional curiosity is without limits. Her openness and generosity, contagious - but most impressionable is her giving spirit to share beauty with others. This written for... Read More

— Daniel Benoit - Hairdresser, Artistic Director of Pure Salon and finalist for Canadian Hairdresser of the Year 2018, Montreal, QC

“I Loved What I Saw in the Mirror”

Ramona thank you for getting up so early on a Saturday morning to do my makeup for the Western Canadian Bodybuilding Competition. It is so much fun when you can let a professional work their magic, I loved what I saw in the mirror when it was all done. Thank you for your artistry, my makeup looked great all day and well into the night. Looking forward to you doing my makeup again one day.

— Connie Pretula

“First Class Artist ”

Fabulous Ramona is certainly a first class artist when it comes to all things beauty and makeup, and much fun to work with to boot!  Her consistency, creativity and conscientiousness are always a pleasure and she will never fail to impress you.  Ramona will certainly deliver what you want, and more, every time.

— Catherine Chesterman - Producer, Vancouver, BC

“Pleasure to Work With”

This letter is in support of Ramona Satar, a makeup artist who has worked in close association with me and my design team on recent editorial and catalogue projects. Ramona not only worked as a makeup artist but also offered ideas and suggestions that assisted my team at keeping the overall look and feeling of the images fresh and contemporary while staying true to the profile of my customer and the brand. Both shoots involved long d... Read More

— Jason Matlo - Designer, Vancouver, BC

“Truly the Most Talented Make Up Artist ”

Ramona travelled all the way to New Zealand to work her magic at my wedding - and it's very lucky she did, as there isn't a single other person on the planet I would have trusted with the job! When I was 14 she did my make up for the very first time, and I was literally awe struck by the results. In the 15 odd years since, I've been done up many times by a range of talented people, but have always felt a little drag queen-esque wit... Read More

— Melissa Carrere -Teacher, Wellington, New Zealand

“Be Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level”

I began woking for Rosalind at the age of 18. I never imagined where this opportunity would lead me. My career soared with the training, support, time, dedication and passion that I got from Roz. I won awards, traveled the world, opened my own salon, won the title of Cananda's Best Beauty Talent and now teach. I can assure you that I’d’ve never achieved this level of success with out the guidance, genius and... Read More

— Caylee Auge

“Couldn't Possibly be Any Happier!”

I had my brows done March 26th by Ramona and I couldn't possibly be any happier! They are perfectly perfect! No more time wasted filling them in so they can be seen in a photo! I highly recommend Ramona not only because of the care and attention she invests into your total brow experience but because she has decades of experience as a makeup artist and truly understands what good brows are supposed to look like long before m... Read More

— Tammy Peterson

“I Know [My Hair] is Going to Look Amazing on Film!”

You did my hair and make up on the set of Amber's Descent this past Saturday. I was the Nurse. I looked you up because I wanted to send you a little note of appreciation. I believe I shared with you that that was my first time on a film set or doing any acting at all. It might seem small to you but, that hairdo you gave me was (honest to god) the backbone of my character all day until we rapt at 12:30am. Initially wardr... Read More

— Kirsten Khorsand, Vancouver, BC

“Her Work is Amazing!”

Ramona has been providing make-up service to many of the staff at Global Okanagan television for several years. She is patient, professional and most importantly her work is amazing!

— Derek Hinchliffe, former News Director, Global Okanagan (CHBC TV)

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