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This profession has a long standing foundation of artistry and creativity, in both hands on application and advancement of product. The connections that are made between clients and hairstylists are equal to that of our most trusted advisers in life.

We connect with those that nourish our souls, and then send us back out to the fray with a new sense of power that we did not have when we walked in the salon door.

Hairdressers are always on the front line. They are the trend-setters. The listeners. The confidence builders. They are our family. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we do.



“Mastered the Art of Hair Manipulation to Near Perfection”

When I was asked to write about Roz, I felt like a painter being asked to paint his greatest love… the hesitation of the artist living in the fear of not being able to render true beauty justice. Roz has mastered the art of hair manipulation to near perfection. Her professional curiosity is without limits, her openness and generosity, contagious - but most impressionable is her giving spirit to share beauty with others.

— Daniel Benoit - Hairdresser, Artistic Director of Pure Salon and finalist for Canadian Hairdresser of the Year 2018, Montreal, QC


“Best Hairstylist I Have Ever Worked With”

Roz Satar is the best hairstylist I have ever worked with in my personal and professional life. Let me explain.  The name “Roz” came into my vernacular in 1988. In small-town Kelowna, Rosalind Satar was being touted as the most cutting edge and innovative hair stylist you would find outside of Paris, London or New York.

— Jason Matlo – Fashion Designer, Vancouver, BC



... Ramona is a gifted and skilled artist. Her experience and talent shines on every face she has worked on. I have no doubt that she is one of the best beauticians in Canada. 

Sean O'Hara, Independent Film Maker, Dublin